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Massage Therapy at Stillwaters Healing

You deserve to feel amazing!

The stress of managing daily life makes it challenging for self-care. Self-care is critical for being 100% for yourself and your life. Receiving a massage is one of the most fundamental ways to practice self-care. Your health is your first wealth.

“My role as a certified massage therapist is to listen to each client as to what their needs are and customize the experience to them to help renew and rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit.”

30 minutes – Upper Body $40 plus tax
45 minutes – Face, Scalp and Neck $50 plus tax
60 minutes – Full Body $60 plus tax
90 minutes – Full Body $85 plus tax
*add Hot Stones $30

Massage can help you –
• Relieve Mental Exhaustion
• Reduce Anxiety
• Sleep better
• Reduce depression
• Alleviate Headaches
• Relax
• Re-energize
• Rejuvenate
• Ease muscle tension
• Elevate your mood
• Reduce stress
• Reduce pain
• Ease Fibromyalgia Symptoms
• Reduce Insomnia related to stress

Online scheduling is available 24/7 by clicking HERE. If you prefer or you have questions, please feel free to fill out our contact form on the right.

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