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Meet Shawnah, Owner Stillwaters Healing

The moment you speak to her, Shawnah Marie of Stillwaters Healing’s passion and authenticity will envelop you. That’s because Shawnah is on a mission to help men and women connect with their bodies as well as encourage everyone on their journey to wellness (as well as give the best massages in Stillwater!). The philosophy Shawnah shares with her clients is, “No matter what happens in life, there’s an opportunity to reinvent yourself with a one-degree shift at a time.”

Trained in massage at the Aveda Institute in 1994, Shawnah always knew how powerful connection and touch were to her clients. However, she didn’t start her own journey in self-care and well-being until she was recovering from an abusive relationship and fully drained. This is when, as she and her friends tell it, she started her master’s in R.E.A.L Life coaching. Recognizing she never wanted to feel this depleted again, Shawnah made herself a priority by exploring alternative forms of therapy, including acupuncture, Japanese Forest Bathing, and yoga. This began the foundation of Shawnah’s practice today.

This system Shawnah named R.E.A.L., and coaches at her Stillwater Healing office as a standalone or add-on to her 30, 45, 60, or 90-minute massage sessions.

R.E.A.L represents:
R- Relationship
E- Emotions
A- Acceptance
L- Love of LIfe

Her mission is to help people prioritize their own well-being, let go of their perceived obligations or expectations, and rest. Whether that means a 60-minute massage that includes hot stones and a 30-minute coaching session, or a head and foot massage, when you schedule a session with Shawnah, she wants the experience to be transformative. Her mission is to guide you on the path of self-care and prioritize your brain health as much as you do your physical health.

Your mental health is just as important as your physical health; we all have a brain, meaning we all have mental health. This is why Shawnah is passionate about brain health and wholeness.

“I’m not there to fix someone, to be a listener and walk beside them as well as support them without judgment to connect mind, body, and spirit and it is all connected.”

Finally, don’t be surprised if Shawnah starts one of her sessions by asking what kind of fruit you would be and why. Make sure to ask her the same question- her answer may surprise you.

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